Implementing Track Lighting in Your Kitchen

beautiful hanging track lights in a charlotte kitchen redesign

Track lighting is not only easy to install, but it can also make your work in the kitchen much easier and add some atmosphere to its appearance.

track lighting installed over a kitchen islandYour kitchen will benefit from a central light source, but you shouldn’t forget task lights that are aimed right where you want to work. Track lighting manages to accomplish both of those goals, and it lets you place light where you need it most. Any kitchen with just a single ceiling light fixture can benefit from track lighting. You can purchase track lighting in flexible or rigid tracks. You can also wire it through the junction box in the ceiling and aim each light right where it needs to be pointed to give you the best illumination.

Track lighting gives you plenty of freedom. Even the best kitchen designers recommend it, as it comes in a variety of styles and it can be made to blend in or stand out. If you want to make your lighting practically disappear into the kitchen, you can go for a white track that disappears on a white ceiling. For more of a standout approach to your lighting, you can always buy track lighting with a metal finish. You can choose spotlight features for your lighting, making it simple to pinpoint it right where you need it. That’s perfect for illuminating art or making it easier to see what you are doing at specific workstations in the kitchen. Lights that are designed like pendants can give you a soft light that can be filtered and shaded with a variety of colorful glass coverings.

Choice in Installation

Your kitchen’s ceiling junction box is usually the best place to install the track lighting. The most basic track lighting systems are between 4 and 8 feet, and they include spotlight features. You do need to watch out for track lighting that doesn’t come with these kinds of options. If your track light doesn’t let you adjust it like a spotlight, then it will likely only provide ample lighting in the center of the kitchen, leaving important task areas around the periphery poorly lit.

You are better off with flexible track lighting systems, which are called monorail systems. These tracks actually curve so that they accommodate the design of your particular kitchen. You can optimize your lighting to illuminate several workstations at once.

Track lights are typically compatible with many different ceiling heights. They are not recessed, which makes them ideal for ceilings that deviate from the norm. The track lighting is supported and suspended using standoffs. These come in two varieties- rigid and flexible. The rigid standoffs are best for flat ceilings, while the adjustable standoffs work well on irregular ceilings. If you are installing one of these systems in a vaulted ceiling kitchen, you can use a track suspension kit to make the job easier.

You can use track lights or rail lighting in different ways.

Complete kits will also allow you to have a stylish ceiling system instantly. But with modern and contemporary options, including bronze track lighting and flexible monorail tracks, it has become very popular once again. Leading brands of contemporary fixtures include Bruck Lighting and Tech Lighting, among many other types of pendant lighting.

Add lighting to any setting with one of our beautiful track rail lights. Modern looks come in two styles, a rigid track and monorail and has found its way into many homes. WWe are asked about it all the time during home remodel design consultations.  We can also order different heads, track lengths and all sorts of accessories and connectors. Track lighting is clearly the most versatile type of lighting available.

Because it’s very directional, these systems perform best as accent lights or task lights. Focused on a kitchen countertop work area, it becomes almost indispensable.

The availability of monorail and traditional aluminum track lighting kits makes it easy to pull off a DIY project. Discount pendant tracks are typically used in modern decor and you can find the heads and rails in an array of types.

You’ll find rail kits, rails, and other rail and cable track accessories for easy installation. We can custom order, too.

In addition to design, determine the lighting needs before you select any track lighting fixtures. LED is the perfect flexible lighting option, available for most applications. This is a versatile way to light any room.

The electrical wiring of most modern track lighting is hidden inside a plastic or metal track. What is a beautiful and modern form of lighting for your home and is a style that has steadily grown in popularity around the globe. Lights are on in the kitchen more than in any other room in the home.

These lights serve as ambient lighting and focused or task lighting. More and more often, it is part of the kitchen lighting conversation. If your fixture doesn’t have any installation accessories within the kit, finding them will not be a problem.

We encourage you to browse our incredible selection of over 2,000 track lighting fixtures and accessories.

Architectural pendant track lighting has become the latest fashion in home and high end lighting design but modern lighting also requires a sense of play, adventure, and comfort.

All you have to do is choose from the wide selection of pendant lights and track heads available on the market. This can give you more control, allowing different pendants or lights on a single track to be controlled by different switches or more capacity allowing more lights on a single track.

If you are adding to an existing track lighting system we can help you identify which track heads will be compatible. Bruck’s Modular Pendant System allows you to use any of these pendants as Juno compatible Track pendants. Quick Connect pendants can be used alone, with multiple pendants suspended from a single canopy, on track lighting, monorail or as wall sconces.

It is one of the most commonly used and misunderstood of the lighting system types. Before choosing a system, be sure to properly measure your ceiling and fully understand the sizing dimensions of track lighting, as well as all of necessary parts and accessories you will need.

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